About Sonja Matzinger


I started a four year apprenticeship as a florist and graduated in 1973 but at the beginning of my third year I broke my leg during a ski race which resulted in my staying in plaster for a whole year. Ultimately, after a second accident, my leg was too weak to continue my beloved job as a florist.

Therapist and Sport massage therapist

Being in plaster, my only option was to attend the Kieser Training and do strength workouts at the Nautilus machines, as well as massage training to stay fit. My positive attitude, hard work and unwillingness to accept the consultants dire predictions proved to return my leg to almost good as normal. After spending a year in England to improve my english language, I retrained as a sports-masseuse in 1977 and got my diploma as a strength training instructor. ADOK certificate of excellence in 1993 and MEDX in 1993.

For several years I worked as a gym manager and masseuse at the Kieser Training and for the alpine ski racer Peter (Pitsch) Mueller. During this period I was also a top athlete and I was the only Swiss woman who qualified for the Bodybuilding Miss Universe competition in London.


Since 1976, I have treated the guests of the 5-star hotels in and around Zurich with my therapy and my massages.

As compensation for the massages and the sport it has always fascinated me to engage in art.

My other achievements have been realised through a passion for creation of fascinating projects as you will see if you click on garden in the next sentence.

Easter 2009 a massage client, whom I have know for over 20 years, hired me to redesign his garden in the mountains from the ground up.